School Songs

He said to them, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it." And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them.
                                                                                Mark 10:14-16 (NIV)



"On the Wings of an Eagle"


The Project

This CD is a compilation of all the original songs written for St. John's Lutheran School in Napa, CA.  This includes the songs that I have written for the school, as well as seven songs written by the late Bob Hauch.   All the proceeds from the sale of this CD, as well as the digital downloads, are going to the Bob Hauch Endowment Fund, which has been established to benefit St. John's Lutheran School for years to come.

Song LyricsBob Hauch

The Songs

Click on the songs below for the lyrics and more information about the song and recording.  You will also find links for chord sheets, lead sheets, and keyboard part.

School Song

1.   On the Wings of an Eagle (by Mike Schmid), sung by Mike Schmid and students

Theme Songs

2.   1998-1999: Living Stones (by Mike Schmid), sung by students

3.   1999-2000: Yesterday Today and Forever (by Mike Schmid) , sung by Mike Schmid and students

4.   2000-2001: By the Power of Your Name (by Mike Schmid), sung by Josh Tinney and students

5.   2001-2002: Blessed to Be a Blessing (by Mike Schmid), sung by students

6.   2002-2003: You are the Leader (by Mike Schmid), sung by Mike Schmid and students

7.   2003-2004: The Work of His Hands (by Mike Schmid), sung by Mike Schmid and students

8.  2004-2005: Blessed are the Peacemakers (by Mike Schmid), sung students

9.   2005-2006: Go Fish (Spread the Word) (by Mike Schmid), sung by Mike Schmid and students

10. 2005-2006: Go Fish (Catch the Joy of the Lord) (by Bob Hauch), sung by students

11. 2006-2007: I Want to Let My Light Shine (by Bob Hauch), sung by Sarah Kramer and students

12. 2007-2008: Celebrate (by Bob Hauch), sung by Devyn Wallace-Bicknell and students

13. 2008-2009: Ready Set Grow (by Bob Hauch), sung by Amelia Arnold and students

14. 2009-2010: Run (by Bob Hauch), sung by Steve Jeffery and students

15. 2010-2011: I Will Remember (by Mike Schmid), sung by Mike Schmid and students

16. 2011-2012: Glorify (by Mike Schmid), such by Mike Schmid and students)

Bonus Songs

17. I'll Be Your Friend - 2001 Graduation (by Mike Schmid), sung by Sophia Johnson

18. Xtreme Faith, Xtreme God (by Bob Hauch), sung by William Francis

19. From the Depths (by Bob Hauch), sung by Mike Schmid

The Participants

Student Singers: Amelia Arnold, Rachel Carey, Clayton D'Angelo,  Sophia Johnson, A.J. King, Morgan Malloy, Sarah Mautner, Matthew Wahlers, Grace Walter, Katelyn Young

Drums: Jeff Craft, Jim Lang

Bass: Mike Hardin, Bob St. Laurent, Steve Jeffery

Acoustic Guitar:  Steve Jeffery, Mike Hardin

Electric Guitar: James Regan

Violin, Viola: Heidi Schmid

Piano, Keyboards, and other instruments: Mike Schmid

CD Layout and Artwork: Joshua Tinney

Produced, Recorded and Engineered by Mike Schmid, True Vine Music, Napa, CA

School Theme Songs

Every year, St. John's Lutheran School has a Bible-based theme that serves as an encouragement for the school community in its life together.  Beginning with the 1998-1999 school year, we have also had an original song composed each year to reinforce and teach the theme.  For the 2005-2006 school year, both Bob Hauch and I composed theme songs, so we had two songs that year.  These songs are used in chapel services, in the classroom, and in Sunday Worship.

Bonus Songs

In addition to the theme songs I also wrote two songs for graduating classes, one of which has become our school song and the title of this compilation, "On the Wings of an Eagle."  I wrote this song for the class of 1998.  The song "I'll be Your Friend" was written for the graduating class of 2001.

Bob Hauch wrote "Xtreme Faith Xtreme God" for St. John's as well.  Although it wasn't a theme song, it was used in chapel services and in his classroom.   This song became the theme of his memorial service as well.  Additionally, Bob wrote "From the Depths," a moving prayer that arose from his struggle with cancer.  This song was also used in his memorial service.

The Songs of Bob Hauch

One of the goals of this project is to preserve the songs of Bob Hauch.  Unfortunately, there are no recordings of Bob performing any of these songs.  I was concerned that over time Bob's songs would be lost, since all that we had were our memories and his chord sheets.  Losing Bob Hauch's songs would be very great loss indeed.

Bob always led these songs alone, just him and his guitar.  But I decided that for this recording that we would use full band and vocal arrangements.  I thank Steve Jeffery, Mike Hardin, James Regan and Jeff Craft for working with me on developing these arrangements.   Also, please note that we were relying on our memories regarding the melodies and the feel of the songs.  It's possible that your memory may be different regarding a song or two.  I do not claim that these are the definitive versions of Bob Hauch's song, but that they are my versions.  I've made chord and lead sheets of the songs available so that others can use these songs, and, if they so desire, develop their own interpretations and arrangements.

The Bob Hauch Endowment Fund

St. John's Lutheran Church and School has established an endowment fund in honor of Bob Hauch.  This endowment was initially funded by a bequest from the Bob Hauch estate.   Grants from this fund will be used to enhance the ministry of St. John's Lutheran School.  As an endowment fund, the intent is to use only the interest generated by the fund.  In this way the fund can be a blessing to the school for many years to come, perpetuating the legacy of Bob Hauch.  All proceeds from the sale of the "On the Wings of an Eagle" CD will go to this fund.  For more information about the Bob Hauch Endowment Fund, or to learn how you can contribute to it directly, please contact the  St. John's Lutheran Church office  (


And . . .

James Regan, Bob St. Laurent, and Jim Lang are "The Deadlies."  Check out their music here.



Thanks to all the musicians and singers who gave of their time for this project.

Thanks to the parents of the student singers for helping the singers prepare and getting them to the recording sessions!

Thanks to the St. John's Lutheran School Association of Parents and Teachers for funding this project.

Thanks to Janet Peterson for allowing me the use of her Tahoe Cabin as a remote studio for composing and mixing.

Thanks to my loving wife Teresa for her support through this project and her patience with the many, many hours it took to bring it to completion.

And above all, thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ, for giving us so much to sing about! To Christ be all the glory!